Terms and conditions

Article 1 Definitions

all holiday homes that are designed for recreational purposes

Accommodation Provider:
the owner and/or the manager employed by the owner of the Accommodation to be rented.

Terms and Conditions:
these terms and Conditions of Largo Resorts that apply to the Agreements signed concerning the rental of an Accommodation made available by an Accommodation Provider.

Booking Form:
the form on which the Recreationist enters all required details with the purpose of making a booking for the rental of an Accommodation.

Third Parties:
parties other than Largo Resorts and/or the (Co-)Recreationist.

all facilities within or outside of the resorts which may be used based on the Agreement.

all persons covered by the concepts of Recreationist and Co-Recreationist and who use the Accommodation and/or Facilities of the Resorts, as well as visitors of the Resort.

Largo Resorts:
the commercial and brand name for booking Accommodations owned and/or managed by Third Parties.

the persons reported by the Recreationist during the booking process and/or who are part of the holiday party.

the rental agreement for an Accommodation offered by Largo Resorts, including the appropriate Terms and Conditions.

the resort in which an Accommodation is located.

the (legal) person that performs the booking and as a result is the other party from Largo Resorts.

basic rental costs including any discounts and excluding any additional costs.

In writing:
correspondence per letter, fax or e-mail.

an amount that may be charged before or during the stay as an advance for any damage that may be caused during the stay by or as a result of the involvement of the guest. Any forfeited contractual fines may also be settled with the deposit.

the website(s) that Largo Resorts uses to offer the Accommodation.

Article 2 Applicability of these Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to all bookings and agreements reached between the Entrepreneur and the Recreationist concerning the rental of Accommodation. This includes but is not limited to the stay and use of this villa. These terms and conditions are an indissoluble part of the agreement.

Article 3 Establishment of the Agreement

3.1 Booking


Accommodation bookings can be made online and by phone. These two booking methods are binding for both parties.


An Agreement under Suspensive Conditions is entered into by the Recreationist and Largo Resorts concerning booking an Accommodation that is offered explicitly by Largo Resorts on the Website and the Recreationist accepts these Terms and Conditions of Largo Resorts.


Every booking made via the Website is confirmed by Largo Resorts with an e-mail to the Recreationist, which means that the booking has been received and is being processed. With that e-mail the booking becomes binding for the Recreationist.


Upon receiving the booking, Largo Resorts shall inspect it for correctness. If the booking is correct, the Suspensive Condition as intended in 3.1.2 is met and the Agreement is established.


If the Recreationist has not received a confirmation e-mail, something might have gone wrong in the booking process and the Recreationist should contact LARGO Villas. If the Recreationist does not contact Largo Resorts, he/she cannot invoke any booking rights.


The Recreationist may also make a booking via the Ambassador of Largo Resorts. The phone number can be found on the Website.


With a booking by phone, an Agreement is established.


After inspection and processing of the booking made via the Website, by e-mail, or by phone, the Recreationist shall receive the confirmation invoice from Largo Resorts per e-mail (or per post upon request of the Recreationist). If this confirmation invoice is not received within 5 days after the booking, the Recreationist should contact LARGO Villas. If the Recreationist does not, he/she cannot invoke any booking rights. Recreationist should inspect the booking confirmation for correctness. Incorrect details should be reported to Largo Resorts within 24 hours of reception.


There are Accommodation Providers that do not accept bookings of a holiday party composed of young people. Consequently, Largo Resorts reserves the right to refuse such a booking.


Largo Resorts also reserves the right to refuse a booking in case it is suspected that the Accommodation will be used for purposes that do not observe these Terms and Conditions.

3.2 Right of revocation


Bookings made are legally definitive for the Recreationist. A right of revocation (a so-called cooling-down period) as intended in the Civil Code of the Netherlands does not apply to services concerning the rental of Accommodation.

3.3 Recreationist


The Recreationist of the holiday should be at least 21 years of age at the moment of booking.


The Recreationist is jointly liable for all Co-Recreationists that are reported to be accompanying him/her.


The Recreationist is liable for the observation of all obligations resulting from the Agreement.


All correspondence is held via the address of the Recreationist.

Article 4 Cancellation or adjustment of the Agreement

4.1 Cancellation by the Recreationist

It may occur that one has to cancel a holiday due to unforeseen circumstances. In that case the Recreationist or his/her replacement should report this to Largo Resorts in writing or by phone during office hours. A cancellation or adjustment generally includes certain expenses.


Cancelling with cancellation insurance. Cancelling with cancellation insurance via Largo Resorts. 1. During the booking process an Interpolis cancellation insurance may be taken with Largo Resorts. This have to been done in 10 days after you made the reservation. If you book within 10 days before arrival, this insurance remains available until the day of arrival. 2. The costs concerning this insurance shall be included in the confirmation invoice. 3. If the (Co-)Recreationist wants to take a cancellation insurance, he/she should pay the total cost of that insurance upon payment of the first instalment. In case he/she fails to do so, the (Co-)Recreationist cannot invoke any rights based on (taking) the cancellation insurance offered.

In case the cancellation insurance offered is taken correctly: 1. If the reason of cancellation could fall within the conditions of the cancellation insurance, the Recreationist shall receive a form of Largo Resorts. This form should be completed, signed, and returned to Largo Resorts. 2. Upon reception of the completed form, including the required proofs concerning the cause of cancellation, the cancellation shall be taken into consideration by the insurance company, which shall then assess whether the cancellation concerned falls within the insurance conditions.


Cancellation in accordance with sales conditions. If the (Co-)Recreationist has not taken a cancellation insurance or the reason for cancellation does not fall within the Insurance Conditions as intended in 4.1.1., the booking shall be cancelled according to the conditions below. In addition to the costs owed for the cancellation insurance, the (Co-)Recreationist shall owe the full Fare, considering the exclusive nature of the villas. 4.2 Cancellation by Largo Resorts


In case of force majeure or unforeseen circumstances, Largo Resorts may cancel the booking. Unforeseen circumstances include but are not limited to the following: 1. The Accommodation is no longer suited for rental (e.g. as a result of water damage, forest fire or non-performance of the Accommodation Provider). 2. The Accommodation is no longer available (e.g. as a result of sudden sale of the Accommodation by the Accommodation Provider, a double booking or bankruptcy of the Accommodation Provider)


Largo Resorts shall immediately notify the Recreationist of this and shall include a reason, either by phone or in writing.


Largo Resorts shall in this case attempt to offer a comparable Accommodation for a comparable Fare. This comparability of the alternative Accommodation shall be assessed by Largo Resorts based on the location, the Accommodation category and the facilities as detailed upon booking.


If Largo Resorts cannot make a suitable alternative offer or if the Recreationist does not accept the offered alternative, Largo Resorts shall return the part of the Fare paid without being liable for any damages.


Largo Resorts is never liable for the costs of any services booked by the (Co-)Recreationist him/herself (e.g. plane tickets, car rental, boat passage, bus fares, etc.).

4.3 Agreement adjustments


After establishing the invoice the Recreationist may request adjustment to the current booking, insofar as this adjustment is possible as assessed by Largo Resorts and/or the Accommodation Provider.


In case of a change of Accommodation the cancellation conditions as intended in article 4.1. fully apply. In that case the terms mentioned in article 4.1.2 assume the first booking.


If the Recreationist wishes to make an adjustment, he/she should report this to Largo Resorts in writing.


If an adjustment is not possible, the old booking shall remain in force. Largo Resorts shall report this to the Recreationist as soon as possible after the request for adjustment.


If a Co-Recreationist from the holiday party is prevented, the free spot may be taken by another person only if that person meets all conditions related to the Agreement.


If an additional Co-Recreationist joins, it may occur that extra costs will be charged. The Accommodation description on the Website details any prices per person applicable.


If the Recreationist is prevented, the available place may be taken by someone else. In that case the booking will be taken over by the other person. Such an adjustment is covered by the conditions concerning booking takeovers as included in article 4.3.8.


If the booking is taken over entirely by another group, Largo Resorts can adjust the booking, if the Accommodation and Accommodation Provider concerned allow this adjustment. The following conditions apply: • the Recreationist reports the takeover in writing to Largo Resorts; • amounts already paid shall be regarded as paid by the party taking over the booking. The party giving the booking away and the party taking over the booking should arrange this among themselves.

Article 5 Financial regulations

5.1 Fare and costs


The prices mentioned are per Accommodation per week, weekend or midweek unless specified otherwise (and insofar as relevant).


In case of offers that include several free nights, the cheapest nights shall be deducted from the Fare.


A combination of discounts is not possible.


LARGO Villas reserves the right to alter the Fare if increase of governmental taxes or fees give reason for that.


Discounts do not apply to current/finished bookings.

5.2 Miscellaneous costs


Miscellaneous costs are the fixed costs related to the booking (such as required booking costs).


These miscellaneous costs should be paid to Largo Resorts upon booking.

5.3 Optional costs


Optional costs are costs that are related to an option, such as taking a Cancellation Insurance.


Optional costs are paid to Largo Resorts upon booking.

5.4 Costs to be paid on site/deposit


The costs that should be paid on site include:

• The required additional costs (e.g. electricity, heating and gas). • The costs for any booked optional facilities for on-site use. • Any taxes and/or fees owed (such as environmental fees or tourist taxes).


The precise information on the costs to be paid on site can be found on the Website per Resort/Accommodation. It is not guaranteed that the information concerning the prices remains stable and/or that no new governmental taxes are introduced between booking the Accommodation and arrival on site. The costs applicable upon arrival shall be the costs owed. Considering these changes cannot be controlled by Largo Resorts, Largo Resorts is not liable for these kinds of changes.


Upon arrival at the Accommodation Provider, Recreationist shall pay a deposit or give a written authorisation to collect a deposit. The method of deposit payment varies per Accommodation Provider. Largo Resorts shall determine the deposit payment method that the Recreationist should use.


Damage to the Accommodation, its inventory or the Resort caused during the rental period, extra cleaning costs resulting from not leaving the Accommodation in an orderly state, and any costs paid on site may be settled with the deposit. If the deposit is not sufficient to cover these damages or costs, the (Co-)Recreationist shall pay the difference on site.


If the (Co-)Recreationist leaves outside of the established departure times, it may occur that the deposit is not returned to him/her.


LARGO Villas does not accept any responsibility for taxing and/or repayment of this deposit and the expenses intended in this article clause.

5.5 Invoice composition


The invoice includes the following expenses: • The Fare • Any optional costs (for the cancellation insurance)

5.6 Payment


Upon reception of the confirmation invoice, 100% of the Fare, as agreed upon during the booking process, increased by the optional expenses (e.g. for cancellation insurance) should be paid within 8 days.


Alternative payment regulations may be requested/agreed upon with Largo Resorts


The total price of the confirmation invoice should always be paid in whole before the rental period starts

5.7 Exceeding the payment term


If the payment terms agreed upon are exceeded, Largo Resorts reserves the right to cancel the booking and to hold the Recreationist liable for the damage.


In this case the cancellation conditions apply according to article number 4.1.2. and the amount already paid shall be settled with the cancellation costs.


Largo Resorts reserves the right to outsource the claiming process to a third party (e.g. a collection agency). All judicial and extrajudicial expenses resulting from that, as well as the (legal) interest, shall be claimed from the Recreationist.

Article 6 Obligations of Largo Resorts

6.1 Obligations


LARGO Villas shall make an effort to adjust the information on its Website as soon as possible after receiving additional information from the Accommodation Provider according to that additional information.


LARGO Villas is not liable for lacking information on the Website that has not been received (in time) from the Accommodation Provider.

Article 7 Obligations of the Recreationist and (Co-)Recreationist

7.1 Observance of the obligations in these Terms and Conditions and Villa regulations


The Recreationist and Co-Recreationist and any guests are obliged to observe all obligations of these Terms and Conditions in a reasonable way unless those obligations appear to be for Largo Resorts or the Accommodation Provider.


Before signing the Agreement, the (Co-)Recreationist is obliged when requested to become familiar with the Resort regulations or any further regulations related to the Accommodation selected by him/her as intended in article 8.3.


Failure to observe these obligations shall be regarded as an attributable shortcoming in the observance of the Agreement that leads to liability for damages of the Recreationist concerning Largo Resorts.

Article 8 (Use of) Accommodation

8.1 State of the Accommodation and nature of use


The Accommodation is made available to the (Co-)Recreationist in a proper state. If the (Co-)Recreationist believes that this is not the case, he/she should report this immediately.


Recreationist is obliged to treat the rented property and the inventory belonging to that property with care. Upon departure Renter shall leave the rented property in an orderly state. All damage caused to the rented property by the Recreationist or Co-Recreationist should be reported and paid on site before departure.


In case the Accommodation is left unclean, damaged, or with damaged inventory, a part of the deposit as intended in article 3.4 may be withheld.


The Accommodations may only be used for recreational purposes, unless explicitly agreed upon otherwise in writing. Recreational purposes do not include use of the Accommodation during the period for which one or more of the users of that Accommodation(s) carry/carries out work, regardless of whether this work is paid or unpaid and regardless of whether this work is carried out for an employer or not.

8.2 Maximum number of persons/visitors allowed


Use of the booked Accommodation by more than the maximum number of persons allowed for the Accommodation (including children and babies) as mentioned on the Website (www.largovillas.com) is not allowed. In this case the Accommodation Provider may refuse the (Co-)Recreationist access to the Accommodation. He/she shall not have a right of damages.


It is not allowed to receive visitors or have visitors stay for the night without advance approval of the Accommodation Provider.

8.3 Further conditions for use


The Accommodation is located in a Resort, building or other environment that is not managed by Largo Resorts.


The Accommodation Provider has the right to present conditions (including codes of conduct and dress codes) for using the Accommodation and/or the Resort or the building in which it is located. This also applies to the use of the facilities offered.


In case the (Co-)Recreationist’s actions are contrary to the Agreement signed, the Terms and Conditions and/or the general rules of ethics and decency, LARGO Villas shall have the right to immediately cancel the Agreement with the Recreationist and to remove the (Co-)Recreationists from the Accommodation. In that case, LARGO Villas has the right to not return any payments made by the Recreationist and notwithstanding the right of Largo Resorts of damages.

8.4 State of the Accommodation and nature of use


The Recreationist is responsible for selecting an Accommodation that meets his/her demands or those of his/her Co-Recreationist(s).


LARGO Villas may only advise the Recreationist on this and is not liable for the Accommodation and/or the Resort being insufficiently suited for and/or adjusted to the wishes/demands of the Recreationist or the Co-Recreationist(s).

8.5 State of the Accommodation and nature of use


A primary rule is that pets are not allowed in the Accommodations offered unless explicitly stated otherwise.


If pets are allowed in the Accommodation, they should always be reported.


Reporting pets after the booking shall be treated as an adjustment as intended in article 4.3 and should meet the conditions of such an adjustment.


Bringing pets not reported may be cause for the Accommodation Provider to refuse access to the Accommodation, even if the Website states that pets are allowed.


Bringing pets may include extra (cleaning) costs and conditions.


Pets should always provably meet the applicable health and vaccination requirements of the country in which the Accommodation is located. Not meeting these demands or not being able to prove that pets meet these demands may be cause for the Accommodation Provider to refuse the pet access to the Accommodation.


The Recreationist is and shall always remain liable for damage caused by the pet to the Accommodation Provider, LARGO Villas and/or Third Parties, even if this damage is the result of not meeting the demands as intended in 8.5.6.

Article 9 Facilities (within or outside of the Resort)

9.1. Opening hours and costs


The descriptions of the Accommodations on the Website provide information on the facilities offered, including information on any costs known to Largo Resorts. Largo Resorts applies great care when processing all details known on the presence, costs and opening hours of all facilities. If Largo Resorts is made aware of any changes, these changes shall be displayed on the Website with the Accommodation concerned.


If no costs for the use of facilities is stated, it does not mean that the facilities are free.


Largo Resorts is not liable for unexpected costs charged or changed on site for the use of facilities or services offered by Third Parties.


Largo Resorts cannot guarantee that the facilities listed on the Website are always available. Especially outside of the high season it may occur that certain facilities are closed. This may apply, for example, to restaurants, bars, swimming pools, supermarkets, entertainment, etc. This also applies to such facilities in the area of the Accommodation.

Article 10 Travel information

10.1 Travel to and from the Accommodation


Travel to and from the booked Accommodation is arranged by the (Co-)Recreationist him/herself and shall be paid entirely by him/her.

10.2 Arrival and departure


The times of arrival and departure vary per Resort or Accommodation and are listed in the travel documents.


Early arrival is for the (Co-)Recreationist’s own risk.


In case of late arrival, the Recreationist should report this directly by phone to the manager of the booked Accommodation.


In case of no response the Recreationist should contact Largo Resorts by phone


If the provisions of 10.2.3 and/or 10.2.4 are not met, the Accommodation shall remain booked for the Recreationist for a maximum of 24 hours after the end of the arrival time.


In case the Recreationist does not arrive within these 24 hours or reports to the Accommodation Provider or Largo Resorts in any other way, the booking shall be assumed to be cancelled under the conditions of article 4.1. of these Terms and Conditions.


In case of late arrival or early departure, the costs for the entire booking period are owed.

10.3 (Travel) documents and other requirements


The (Co-)Recreationist should arrange all required (travel) documents and/or required vaccinations for persons and pets or animals. Largo Resorts does not accept any responsibility for incorrect travel documents and/or missing vaccines or health statements.

Article 11 Complaints

Largo Resorts distinguishes between complaints preceding your holiday and complaints resulting from your stay.

11.1 A complaint preceding your holiday


Complaints concerning the booking process, the Website, information provision or the services of Largo Resorts shall always be filed with Largo Resorts. Largo Resorts shall attempt to solve the complaint as soon as possible.

11.2 A complaint concerning the Accommodation


In case the (Co-)Recreationist has a complaint concerning the Accommodation, the Resort or the facilities, he/she should always first present it to the Accommodation Provider or the reception of the Resort concerned in order to allow them to solve the complaint immediately.


In case a solution is not reached, the (Co-)Recreationist may contact Largo Resorts so that they can attempt to find a solution as soon as possible. Largo Resorts shall attempt to solve the complaint within 48 hours.


Contacting Largo Resorts outside of office hours is intended exclusively for emergencies or serious complaints.


In case the (Co-)Recreationist does not file his/her complaint during his/her stay with Largo Resorts by phone or in writing, as a result of which Largo Resorts does not have the opportunity to solve the complaint, the (Co-)Recreationist cannot invoke any rights based on that complaint at a later stage. In that case, any right to damages shall expire.

11.3 Complaints procedure


A (phone) complaint filed with Largo Resorts of which the solution has not been sufficient for the (Co-)Recreationist should be filed with Largo Resorts with a motivation as well as pictures and/or any other proofs within 4 weeks after the date of departure from the Accommodation.


Complaints filed after that date shall not be processed. These complaints shall be provided to the Accommodation Provider for information purposes only.


Upon Largo Resorts receiving the complaint, the (Co-)Recreationist shall receive a confirmation of reception within a month. This confirmation details the further procedure.

Article 12 Liability

12.1 Limited liability of Largo Resorts


LARGO Villas is not liable for loss and/or theft (including of money), damage to property, damage or harm to the (Co-)Recreationist, whatever the cause.


The use of all facilities and services on the holiday destination is at the own risk of the (Co-)Recreationist.


Largo Resorts is not liable for damage suffered as a result of the rented Accommodation failing to meet the demands or wishes of the Recreationist.


Largo Resorts cannot accept any liability for unexpected (construction) activities in the vicinity of the booked Accommodation, work on the access and/or main roads, noise pollution caused by, for example, neighbours, church bells, cars, trains or agricultural machines, nuisance caused by pest and environmental problems in the vicinity of the Accommodation.


Evident mistakes or errors on the Website(s) are not binding for Largo Resorts.


Largo Resorts is not liable for the correctness of (photographic) material provided and/or composed by Third Parties.


The Website contains hyperlinks to other websites. Largo Resorts is not liable for these websites and does not accept any responsibility concerning legality, the availability and the correctness of details on that website. The content of these websites is never covered by the Agreement.


The (Co-)Recreationist is expected to be familiar with the local laws and regulations. Largo Resorts is not liable for the consequences of any violation of those laws and/or regulations by the (Co-)Recreationist. 12.2 Liability of the Recreationist


Notwithstanding the provisions of article 7, the Accommodation Provider is free to present regulations to the (Co-)Recreationist on the use of the Accommodation and all related issues.


During the stay the Recreationist is liable for the damage caused to the Accommodation, the design, and all issues related to the Accommodation booking for the duration of the stay, regardless of who caused the damage. The settlement of this damage should principally occur between the Accommodation Provider and the Recreationist.


If the damage has not been settled with Accommodation Provider, Largo Resorts has the right to hold the Recreationist (on behalf of the Accommodation Provider) liable for the damage (suffered). All costs resulting from this shall be invoiced to the Recreationist, which is stated on the confirmation invoice.

Article 13 Privacy

13.1 Use of (personal) details


The personal details entered in the light of the booking shall be used for processing the booking. If an adjustment is made to the details entered, the (Co-)Recreationist is required to report this immediately in writing to Largo Resorts.


The information entered shall also be incorporated in the client database of Largo Resorts. The purpose of this is to be used for the communication between Largo Resorts and the Recreationist concerning the booking (e.g. concerning invoicing, delivering required information on the booking, etc.) and for sending offers by and information on Largo Resorts.


The header of Privacy on the Website describes which details are required and how these details are used.

Article 14 Applicable law and competent court


The Agreements signed, adjusted, or complemented on the basis of these Terms and Conditions are governed by Dutch law, unless another right applies on the grounds of mandatory rules.


Disputes concerning the Agreement can only be presented to the competent court in Amsterdam, unless the dispute does not allow parties a choice of competent court; in that case the competent court is that court determined competent by law.

Article 15 Miscellaneous provisions

15.1 Changes


LARGO Villas reserves the right to change the Website and/or its offer without prior notice.

15.2 Correspondence


All correspondence to Largo Resorts concerning the Agreement should be e-mailed or posted to:
Largo Resorts
Postbus 12
4493 ZG Kamperland
The Netherlands


Largo Resorts has the right to changes the addresses mentioned in article 15.2.1. The Website shall always list the correct contact details.


The Recreationist is responsible for providing the correct contact details and should report every change in his/her contact details to Largo Resorts immediately.


Largo Resorts shall send notifications preferably by e-mail to the Recreationist. The Recreationist cannot invoke any rights from not having received e-mail messages from Largo Resorts as a result of incorrect contact details or an incorrect e-mail address due to (technical) problems on the side of the Recreationist and/or with the provider of the Recreationist.

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